Friday, June 8, 2007

Easy Microwave Applesauce, from Claudia

Easy Microwave Applesauce, from Claudia
Contributed on 7-7-07. Claudia says "Mom was making applesauce today and I told her that I make it in the microwave now---easy and healthy ."

6 medium apples (1 1/2 pounds) peeled. halved and cored). I use organic or regular and scrub them and don't peel them--the fiber is in the skin, then I cut them in chunks (remove core)
1 T lemon juice
1/2 cup Splenda Granular

1/2 t cinnamon
Mom adds a little nutmeg
Optional-- 1 T or less brown sugar
(recipe calls for 2/3 cup water. I never use this as it gets too watery for me. Apples are mostly water. You could add a little extra lemon juice or a little water if you think it needs it)
Place apple chunks in deep microwave-safe dish

Add lemon juice, Splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg

Microwave uncovered on high for 5 minutes, stir mashing apples with a fork (or potato masher) into the liquid

Cook for an additional 5-8 minutes or until apples are tender. Mash apples again, mixing with liquid, until desired texture. I don't add sugar BUT if you like you can add a little brown sugar and stir it into the hot mixture

Mom likes to add those little red cinnamon things--but I think they may have sugar in them. I have added things like sugar-free maple syrup, vanilla, almond, or maple flavoring -- a little of whatever you like to enhance the flavor.

People who like applesauce really smooth usually put it in a blender or food processor. Serve hot, or cool and store in the refrigerator

1/2 cup serving is about 60-70 calories
18 grams of carbohydrate, 0 fat, 2 fiber, 0 salt
Diabetic exchange = 1 fruit

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