Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hamburger Cookies, from Gael

Hamburger Cookies, from Gael

You assemble these, you don't bake anything. Easy and so cute! Gael made them for July 4, 2008 to take to Dan's barbecue. (Kelly's first fireworks--she was transfixed by them and then fell asleep...they didn't scare her one bit). I remember we used to make these years ago. I wonder if Anne got the recipe when she was teaching? They seem like something school kids would love.

Vanilla wafers
Round chocolate cookies (any brand, Keebler grasshopper are good if you like mint)
Frosting --red, yellow, and green (I buy the small kit of four tiny tubes and just don't use the blue)
Sesame seeds
Egg whites or water


Turn vanilla wafers over so rounded top is on bottom. Put two short stripes of any of the three frosting colors on the bottom of cookie (or what would be the bottom had you not flipped it over). Press the chocolate cookie gently on top, so frosting holds it on.

Put three stripes of frosting, one of each color, around the far edges of the chocolate cookie. I mentally divide the cookie into thirds and put each color about 1/3 of the way around, leaving some chocolate in between.)

Press other vanilla wafer on top, with rounded top up this time so it looks like a bun top.

Use either water or egg white (vegetarians will want you to use water) and brush the top vanilla wafer gently. Use your hand and gently sprinkle sesame seeds on the water or egg white to look like a sesame-seeded bun.

Voila! Tiny cookies that look like hamburgers, perfect for kids or cookouts.

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